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Our shipping consortium enables individual shipping companies to take advantage of the possibilities opened up by a larger fleet – without having to compromise on the freedom to make
their own decisions. This enables the individual companies to turn their attention to other challenges and optimise their ressources.

Stronger in a team

The key to a successful shipping company is the ability to detect emerging economic developments and trends – and react flexibly by taking appropriate measures. This is sometimes easier said than done.It often makes sense, for example, to increase tonnage, but sometimes it just isn’t possible to increase the number of in-house staff to the level required. This is just one of many challenges that can be overcome with our support.

USC, United Shipping Companies, is more than just the name of our company – it reflects our philosophy and our mission. We are there to provide shipping companies with expert assistance whenever they are looking for a straightforward and effective way of reacting flexibly to market fluctuations. Or whenever they need someone to optimise commercial areas, in HR, in terms of technical ship management, in terms of chartering, in terms of ISM or in other areas.

Optimising Resources

We have been in the shipping business for many years ourselves, which is why we know that small- and medium-sized shipping companies often find it particularly difficult to balance commercial opportunities and necessities with their own economic and organisational limits. The unfeasibility of maintaining a complete staff of specialists due to the company’s size or 
on account of temporary economic challenges is just one of many situations that can force firms to compromise – and compromise is never the ideal solution. A partnership with us lets you optimise in all kinds of ways. Our team of maritime and commercial specialists will draw up individual solutions for optimum shipping – whether it involves highly targeted support or the handling of whole business areas.

We are able to harness not only expertise and manpower, but also technical equipment such as our own specialist software. On request, we will use our solutions to complement and supplement your current infrastructure, enabling existing resources to be put to optimum use.

Creating Freedom

Our partner shipping companies are experienced members who know how to operate, deliver and maintain a high-quality service across the board. Nevertheless, there are certain labour and time-intensive activities that tie up too much capacity.

This problem can be solved by entrusting these activities to us. Whether a straightforward maintenance visit or the full-scale management of your ships, we can handle it with a high
degree of expertise, reliability and quality. This frees up our partners to concentrate on their core business and leaves them more time to continue running a high-quality shipping

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